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About Beauty

14 Mar

Humans like beauty, they like to observe it, to comprehend it, and most importantly enjoy it.
One can observe beauty anywhere and everywhere, in sceneries, or landscapes, in science, in maths or in girls. (lol)

Beauty can be broadly classified in two categories,
*one which needs no effort to observe
*one that requires an effort from the viewer to observe it

The former form of beauty usually constitutes of landscapes, sceneries, cute pets, other human beings etc, we do not require any effort to observe these.

The latter form of beauty according to me is the most important form of beauty , it requires a effort from the observer to observe it,
for example,
To some enthusiastic micro biologists ,certain micro organisms seem beautiful,
To mathematicians special numbers and lammas, and theorems, proofs seem beautiful,
To astronomers certain stars and galaxies appear beautiful,

And there is one more special thing about this form of beauty , it comes with a feeling of uniqueness and originality, because you know not many people can see what you know is beautiful,
this is what make this a wonderful experience, to explore more such forms of beauty,

And we all are on our pursuit to find these forms, either knowingly or unknowingly,
because we are meant to appreciate things which are beautiful, its embedded in out genetic code.

And life was meant to be beautiful, no matter how you feel about it, now, but in the end , when the dots connect and the pattern emerge, its evident how beautiful life is.