On spontaneity !

15 Mar

Spontaneous refers to something which occurs without effort or premeditation, something which is  natural and unconstrained.

All natural processes are spontaneous,

Everything from stock markets to environmental changes to global currency change patterns, to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, even man made disasters like (Kim Kardarshian, lol) nuclear warfare, civil wars etc.


Even if a process isn’t spontaneous , it will lead to some other process which is even more spontaneous than the first one, that way the universe is always flowing to the state to spontaneity, and so are you.

Knowing this piece of information can be very beneficial if one wished to know, predict future, or even to find a pattern,

Sometimes it is  easy to see the direction of spontaneous change, this happens when the system we are considering are not very complex,(the system under consideration is not very dependent on other systems)

For example,

Let us assume that the newspaper industry is an independent system an isolated system, assuming that what happens inside of it is more or less independent of what is going on in the outside world.(which is not a very bad assumption,let me tell you)

Now , today we have to pay for the newspapers we buy, (there are some free papers , but not all of them are free)

I think that the spontaneous change in this system will be that in the next 10 years or so, all the newspapers will be available free.

Because newspapers make revenue through advertising and advertising is a very prosperous sector,  and it is only going to get more profitable in the future,

also , with new people have broader options to watch news ,on the go, like smart phones tablets etc, that newspapers sales will start falling once more and more people start exploring newer alternatives, pushing for cut throat competition between newspaper companies.

The competition will only be enhanced by existing companies already selling free paper.

So with all this information in hand one can easily predict the state of the newspaper industry in the future.(@reader if you disagree please let me know in the comments, I would be obliged to make my point clearer)


But this was an example in which we assumed that the system was isolated, but that is not true in real life, hence we did not get clearer predictions, we just got the information that a change is going to take place.


But with the help of clever maths and computing machines, we can analyse complex system as well.

Like stock markets, which is considered to be a living organism of its own kind.




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